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Legal Security by Property Rights

A brief survey of IP

Advice in all fields of industrial legal protection

The increasing number of applications for registered IP rights at the Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt, the European Patent Office and the Office for the Harmonisation of the Internal Market reflect the increasing importance of IP portfolios in the economy. Roughly, IP may be subdivided into technical IP rights such as patents and utility models, and non-technical IP rights such as trade marks and design models. Apart from national and international rules that govern IP rights there are numerous additional stipulations such as for inventions made under employment contracts, expanding applications internationally, anti-trust directives and many more.

To answer initial questions the afore-mentioned IP protection rights will be briefly dealt with in the following separate chapters, the essential IP terms being compiled in the FAQ. Of course, only a brief, non-exhaustive survey can be given here, additional information can be found e.g. on the web-sites of the Offices. The provider of this web site takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information given; and any liability for the information on our web site is disclaimed. Any particular case and problem in the field of IP should be the subject of an individual counselling interview.