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Legal Security by Property Rights

Intellectual Property is our Business

Advice in all fields of industrial legal protection

Intellectual property has become an essential asset in the economy: developing new products requires considerable investments; introducing new products on to the market necessitates elaborate advertising and marketing strategies, and invested capital must be regained in increasingly shorter time intervals.

Consequently companies apportion growing importance to the protection of their products and spend considerable effort on monopolizing their market share over a limited period of time be it by non-disclosure of particular technical features or by achievement of intellectual property rights for their technical developments. In either case consulting of a patent professional will pay off.

Our firm was founded in 1996 and is located in Munich, the centre of Europe’s intellectual property activities. Since 1996 we have been counselling national and international inventors and applicants on achieving, defending and enforcing intellectual property rights as well as on litigation and licensing. We attend to clearance searches, drafting and prosecuting patent applications and enforcing and defending IP rights, and we draft non-disclosure and license agreements. We represent our clients’ cases before the German and European Patent Offices, the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market, the German Federal Patent Court, and the German Civil Courts.